MECRMultilateral Export Control Regime (international body)
MECRMontessori Education Center of the Rockies (Boulder, CO)
MECRMinnesota Electronic Curriculum Repository
MECRMaintenance Engineering Change Request
MECRMaine College Republicans
MECRModified Endowment Contract Rules
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FourQuest has a strong presence in the Middle East and the Caspian region (MECR).
"In each of the countries in which we operate throughout the MECR, our commitment to employ, train, and retain local staff has allowed us to develop the strong, locally supported solutions our clients expect.
The distribution of mecA, mecR1 and mecI and sequence analysis of mecI and the mecR promoter region in staphylococci expressing resistance to methicillin.
Microbiologically enhanced crack remediation (MECR) utilizes a biological byproduct, CaC[O.sub.3] which has shown a wide range of application potential as a sealant.
[3] Bang, S.S., and Ramakrishnan, V., 2001, "Microbiologically-enhanced crack remediation (MECR)." Proceedings of the International Symposium on Industrial Application of Microbial Genomes, Daegu, Korea, pp.
(2.) Browning and Johnson (1984) and Ballard (1988) have estimated the so-called "marginal efficiency cost of redistribution" (MECR) for using "demogrants" to redistribute income in the United States.
data that the MECR through a wage subsidy is far less than that through a demogrant and can be negative.