MECTMonophoton Emission Computed Tomography (radiology; brain)
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After systematically searching the PubMed database, we identified four studies reporting the brain features of patients with TRS and potential alterations, including structural, functional, and brain-network alterations following mECT treatment.
DECT was cheaper (NPR 300) compared to MECT (NPR 1000), which required an arrangement with operation theatre and an anesthesiologist team.
When fasciculations subsided and adequate neuromuscular relaxation obtained, adequate size Guedel's airway was inserted to prevent tongue bite, and brief pulse stimulus (90120 volts MECT) for about 2 msec was given to produce seizure.
Based on the experience we had gained in isolation of Neu5Ac from Collocalia mucoid I could advise MECT Company correspondingly.
Imported components from Japan are also integrated in their manufacturing process (MECT, 2015a).
En este sentido, en la investigacion narrativa "el significado que elaboran y ponen a jugar los actores sociales en sus discursos, acciones e interacciones se convierte en el foco central de la investigacion" (MECT, 2007b, p.32).
In fact, much higher percentages of candidates have since passed the Massachusetts teacher tests, now called the Massachusetts Educator Certification Tests (MECT).
Educator Certification Tests (MECT), sums up a dilemma facing teacher
Reductions in military personnel and equipment will make it difficult to mect all these commitments.
' i orliers-we showed tfi;it we could and should be able to mect sucli a program.
Then he was given with 6 consecutive sessions of MECT with propofol anesthesia (3 times a week), but it did not improve his symptoms either.