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MEDALSMilitary Engineering Data Asset Locator System
MEDALSMilitary Engineering Drawing Allowance Locator System (DLA)
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Your grandfather insisted on keeping his medals in my dressing-room, as he says.
His cheap workshirt, incongruously brilliant with the gold of the medals that flashed in the firelight, was open in front, showing the smooth skin and splendid swell of chest.
"You shall not only have the Society's great gold medal, but its recommendation for employment at the various life-boat stations along the coast.
I suppose he's making up his mind, here and now, to win the medal. What a splendid chin he has!
Ruby, perceiving the Queen's calendar lying on the table, wanted to know if Anne meant to try for the gold medal.
It is related of Bismark, who had been awarded a medal for gallantly rescuing a drowning person, that, being asked the meaning of the medal, he replied: "I save lives sometimes." And sometimes he didn't.
He hankered after the silver medal. The prize was offered by the Ministry of Education; the names of the competitors would be submitted to the Minister himself.
These two daring explorers then reembarked for England; and the Geographical Society of Paris decreed them its annual prize medal.
He did not seem to think that he at all deserved a medal from the Humane and Magnanimous Societies.
"Caesar had his Brutus--the cotton has its boliworm, the chorus girl has her Pittsburger, the summer boarder has his poison ivy, the hero has his Carnegie medal, art has its Morgan, the rose has its--"
Sparsit, with her Roman features like a medal struck to commemorate her scorn of Mr.
"I know at least what I am," he simply went on; "the other side of the medal's clear enough.