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MEDBMycobacterium Extensor Digitorum Brevis
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Medb is also the main female character in the Irish Tain Bo Culainge.
Envious of her husband's white bull, Fionnbheannach (the White-Horned), Queen Medb of Connacht has an insatiable lust to add the great brown bull of Cooley to her own herd.
Hence, Medb, the great queen of Irish saga, represents the achievements of real women rather than the satirical ambiguous figure every other Celticist takes her to be.
The variants differ as to details, but in all of them the warrior Fergus is discovered making love to Queen Medb, and his sword is removed.
In the tale Medb (Maeve), warrior-queen of Connaught, disputes with her husband, Ailill, over their respective wealth.
) Some years later, Medb, queen of Cruachain, gathers an army for the express purpose of killing Cu Chulainn and succeeds by creating, with the help of magic, an imaginary host with whom he fights to exhaustion.
QUEEN MEDB should be very difficult to beat in the Foran Equine Irish EBF Auction Maiden in Gowran Park today, the last domestic action before the seven-day Galway Festival kicks-off on Monday.
'Oll and Oichne, Big Man and Little Sprout, two foster-sons of Ailill and Medb.'" As a native speaker of Irish, Carson has an excellent ear for the word play in TBC.
Their production company, Medb Films (pronounced Maeve), occupies the basement of the Royal Harbour Hotel, whose owner is also their business partner.
Legend says the legendary warrior Queen Medb of Connaught is buried standing up in the mound.