MEDCAPMedical Civic Action Program
MEDCAPMedical Civil Affairs Program
MEDCAPMedical Civic Assistance Program
MEDCAPMedical Capabilities Study
MedCAPMedical Competence Assessment Procedure (Ireland)
MEDCAPMedicaid Capitation Advisory Committee
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During the MEDCAP, the joint-service team administered the de-worming medication Albendazole, over-the-counter drugs for minor ailments, and provided acute care to more than 2,000 people.
They also supported combat logistics patrols for the 710th BSB, route-clearing missions with engineers and military police, security and reconnaissance missions with the 4th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery Regiment (4-25 Field Artillery), and dozens of MEDCAPs
MEDCAP, which finished on 15 November, was a very similar exercise based in Mali, but bringing veterinary care to local populations as well as medical care as part of the outreach element of the training exercise.
MEDCAP missions grew out of humanitarian aid operations following World War II in both the Far East and European theaters.
MEDCAPs are formed around the three themes of dental, medical, or veterinarian assistance.
The I large MEDCAP package that consisted of more than 30 medical personnel deployed to the Tagab Valley region on the first day of Operation Al Hasn.
The inherently transient nature of MEDCAP engagements risks alienation of the population when military assets are no longer present and disaffection when frequently encountered complex medical needs cannot be met during a short humanitarian mission.
A further indicator that the program has value is that after the first class graduated, one battalion had its two graduates in the field the next day to support unit external evaluations, one serving as a company commander's interpreter and the other role-playing an Iraqi doctor on a MEDCAP site.
7) This work was most frequently conducted through MEDCAPs and their dental counterparts or as part of a disaster response or humanitarian aid situation.
Humanitarian Assistance (HA): HA (including MEDCAPs and VETCAPs) may be a useful means for providing patronage, since it involves a stream of resources that intermediate-patrons can distribute to their clients and it closely resembles traditional patronage practices.
For liver support, I recommend Liver Extende, which is a sarsaparilla and artichoke complex; Hepol from Projoba and Medcaps DPO from Xymogen, as well as alpha-lipoic acid, glutathione, and other glutathione precursors.
Since the current LCE team deployed to Sulu in late July, more than 1,700 patients have received care via MEDCAPs and other medical outreach programs.