MEDCOMMedical Command (US Army)
MEDCOMMediterranean Regional Committee for START
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MEDCOM produces highly-regarded videos to help educate nurses and ensure they have the most current information.
As medical affirmative claims personnel divide their attention between military hospital and TRICARE collections, that is, between the collection of funds expended by MTFs for the care of patients and by TRICARE for treatments provided at civilian hospitals, MEDCOM has long expressed interest in establishing a means of sharing these costs with TRICARE.
In the past, Soldiers often just shook off mild head injuries, but MEDCOM discovered that many actually had concussions but weren't getting checked out.
Our purpose is to describe the MEDCOM Officer Distribution Plan (ODP) and its importance to MEDCOM's human resource strategy as both a decisionmaking tool and a predictive analysis tool.
MEDCOM used RAMSAFE's predefined plague template to forecast the impact of a bioterrorism incident.
1 (b)) and Policy and policy (eg, AR 40-61 (c)) the role of key MEDCOM organizations (MMCs, USAMMA, Installation Medical Supply Activities) in direct support of operating forces.
The MEDCOM Battle Command System's inability to interface with any of the ABCS systems at brigade and below is a critical flaw.
The newsroom system is a first-step purchase in a longer-term plan to centralize the content distribution for all programming streams, said Christophe Saladin, VP of special projects for MEDCOM.
Over the last few months, through partnering, project kick-off sessions and design charrettes, we further solidified the integrated team approach with USACE, HFPA and MEDCOM, and created a strong foundation that will help us ensure the new medical center is a world-class facility," said Billy Bryan, director of operations for Balfour Beatty Construction.
The Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), which had significant experience managing an animal-assisted activities program and was already working on a local policy to govern their thriving dog programs, was identified as the lead to begin developing the MEDCOM dog policy.
In addition, with the workforce consisting of more and more contractors, the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) has gone to great lengths to ensure that there is "arm's length" between government employees and contractor employees through the implementation of MEDCOM Regulation 715-3.