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Fortunately, the need for isolation and droplet precautions was identified immediately upon the family's arrival at the MEDDAC ED, and this likely limited the number of exposed HCWs.
The Fort Campbell MEDDAC Public Affairs office was very effective in translating information about mumps and the investigation into a timely press release to local media that was transmitted through social media almost simultaneously with the letters sent by the school to parents notifying them of potential exposure to mumps.
Activating the MEDDAC, DENTAC, and DVC, under a memorandum of agreement signed by the commander of the Eighth U.S.
Establishing the provisional Army MEDDAC, Army DENTAC, Army DVC, and USAMMC--K were truly the first steps in creating "normalcy" for the medical community in Korea.
For instance, the DOIM conducts IPB on the threat's capabilities to interrupt the installation's local area network (LAN); DPS identifies hazardous chemical-storage areas; MEDDAC analyzes potential effects of diseases on the community, etc.
The hospital reimburses DPW using environmental program requirement funds disbursed by the US Army Medical Command, and managed by the MEDDAC Environmental Science and Engineering Officer (ESEO).
The DLA-DS has contracted with a pharmaceutical reverse distributor that picks up unusable/unwanted pharmaceuticals directly from MEDDAC pharmacies.
Medical Affirmative Claims under the Federal Medical Care Recovery Act (42 USC [section] 2651-2653) can be a significant source of revenue for a MEDDAC or MTF that has rendered care to a DoD beneficiary as a result of injury caused by a third party (such as a motor vehicular accident).
This allowed the Army Dental Corps to compare current productivity with that achieved before MEDDAC assumed command over dental services.
The Army Dosimetry Center immediately notified the RSO at Fort Irwin MEDDAC, the Army RSO, and the Radiological Hygiene Consultant to the Army Surgeon General (author Melanson).
At this same time, ESOs were primarily assigned at installation level to the MEDDAC (Medical Department activity) Preventive Medicine Services to serve as the Chief of Environmental Health.
Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) as the accredited provider, MEDCEN/Medical Department Activity (MEDDAC) CME directors and planners as the activity/ meeting planners, faculty and speakers, educators, supporters, and the physician learners themselves.