MEDDACMedical Department Activity
MEDDACMedical and Dental Activity
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The DLA-DS has contracted with a pharmaceutical reverse distributor that picks up unusable/unwanted pharmaceuticals directly from MEDDAC pharmacies.
Each region provides such assistance to each MEDDAC ESEO within 6 months of the ESEO's arrival.
A variety of inspection programs internal to the Army, installation, or MEDDAC exists to ensure that hospitals maintain compliance.
The visit introduces the ESEO to key personnel of the MEDDAC and installation environmental programs (MEDDAC logistics, DPW HW manager, The Joint Commission team, resource management), provides formal training, assists with a facility walk-through with the ESEO, reviews EPR funding, coordinates waste analysis if necessary, etc.
Establishing the provisional Army MEDDAC, Army DENTAC, Army DVC, and USAMMC--K were truly the first steps in creating "normalcy" for the medical community in Korea.
The Third Party Collection Program (TPCP) is a congressionally mandated program that allows a MEDDAC or MTF to recoup expenses for medical care provided to nonactive duty beneficiaries when they have other health insurance.
Each of these areas is important and is seen as issues at MEDDACs and MTFs around the Army.
Military treatment facilities and MEDDACs are often virtually installations unto themselves with a wide variety of issues similar to those found at the installation level.
The Army Dosimetry Center immediately notified the RSO at Fort Irwin MEDDAC, the Army RSO, and the Radiological Hygiene Consultant to the Army Surgeon General (author Melanson).
Since the Soldier was not using any other radiation sources and had no other source of potential radiation exposure on the NTC, it was concluded that the badge was irradiated after it had been turned in to the Radiology Department at the Fort Irwin MEDDAC, but before the badge was sent to be processed about 2 months later.
This investigation included going to Fort Irwin MEDDAC and interviewing the hospital staff.
Should some MEDDAC ESO positions be converted under current military-to-civilian initiatives in order to provide better developmental opportunities for junior officers elsewhere?