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MEDEAMicro-Electronics Development for European Applications (computer engineering)
MEDEAMaterial Science Experiment Double Rack for Experiment Modules and Apparatus
MEDEAMatrix Exponential Differential Equation Algorithm (numerical integration)
MEDEAMultiple-Discipline, Engineering, Design, Evaluation & Analysis
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Sharing the same advanced control system as the award-winning Balder and Loki projectors, Medea provides comprehensive PC- or Mac-based remote configuration and control from the best seat in any home theater or media room.
At the beginning of the play the audience sees Medea in a state of devastation.
Luego emprendere el analisis paralelo de Medea y Helena; finalmente, y como consecuencia de todo lo anterior, concluire senalando que caracteristicas constituyen lo tragico y lo comico en estas obras de Euripides con el fin de establecer algunos posibles criterios de identificacion del genero dramatico en Grecia.
Alison Shephard's Medea is fuelled by rage but guided by a childish naivety.
En la version libre de German Castillo y Mansell Boyd, que se presenta en el Teatro Santa Catarina, queda claro el rol de sometimiento y las pocas alternativas que tienen las mujeres griegas frente a sus esposos--tradicion que permea hasta nuestros dias-, frente a lo cual Medea se indigna y rebela.
The applicability of such responses (moral aversion to political policy, perceived misuse by elites who propose the strategic agenda) to the character of Medea will be addressed below.
A jury made up of 118 education and media experts from 28 countries evaluated the MEDEA entries last month.
Headlong offer a modern-twist of the Greek tragedy with Medea spending her day watching the telly at home and coming up with violent fantasies of the death of her husband Jason and his new arm candy.
His Medea is a clever, charismatic woman who has given up her career and friends in London for family life in a small town where every house looks the same.
There are many variations of the Medea story, but she is generally agreed to have killed her own brother while absconding with Jason.
Software and professional services company Argo Systems said on Wednesday that its revenue management system Medea has been chosen by A+E Networks UK, a broadcasting joint venture between A+E Networks and BSkyB, to manage carriage fee revenue and sales distribution in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
El presente articulo tiene como objetivo presentar un analisis del infanticidio cometido por Medea a partir de las razones y sinrazones de la protagonista, mostrando que los actos criminales pertenecen al ambito de la locura y que, por terribles que sean, presentan una verdad.