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MEDEVACMedical Evacuation
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It's absolutely a great story with riveting scenes of soldiers being rescued from the horrific conditions in the combat zones of Vietnam into medevac helicopters.
Mental Health Clearances provides consultation to MED Clearances on employees and eligible family members with mental health concerns, while the Medevac Division oversees global mental health medevac operations.
Peoples' lives depended on the success of resupply, extraction, and medevac, regardless of what Mother Nature threw in.
I thought I was going to Iraq, but ended up replacing a MEDEVAC unit in Colorado.
Because mission authority for medevac generally resides at the BCT, requests are submitted by the battalion to the BCT surgeon cell.
Because I was a junior HAC, certainly without much medevac experience, I had limited resources to guide my decision process on whether or not to try for an unauthorized nighttime landing.
As an added advantage, long-range medevac flights from Fairbanks to Seattle are now possible for the company.
The MEDEVAC Enterprise Portal uses AKO's unlimited file storage to provide MEDEVAC units and team members a designated area for uploading, storing, and sharing files.
BRIEF HISTORY: Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point routinely conducts search and rescue missions and performs hundreds of medevac operations and logistical transports.
The subject was then flown by a medevac helicopter to the Albany Medical Center for treatment.
We flew 333 patients last year as part of our Medevac missions and are increasingly being referred to as the Medevac operator of choice for emergency situations.
Rural doctors have been joined by the Wildrose Opposition in expressing concern over government plans to relocate Medevac Services from Edmonton City Centre to Edmonton International.