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MEDFLYMediterranean Fruit Fly
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Globalization and fruitfly invasion and expansion: the medfly paradigm.
Keeping medfly out of California has cost nearly $500 million during the past 25 years.
Selection for fast mating and slow mating lines in the medfly and analysis of elements of courtship behaviour, pp.
Improved Medfly control in Carnarvon will reduce the impact to our export markets and increase regional WA's economic stability," Mr Redman said.
A new, more environmentally friendly insecticide called spinosad--worked on in Hilo as well as in Weslaco, Texas--is providing an alternative to malathion sprays for medfly.
ARS efforts to prevent establishment of medfly, as well as all other fruit flies, have led to development of a new, recently patented trapping system that will help fruit growers control this formidable pest.
After learning how to engineer Drosophila in the early 1980s, scientists had thought that the medfly would pose a fairly easy target, says Charalambos Savakis, who led the Greek group.
Only half the size of a pencil eraser, the tiny Mediterranean fruit fly--or medfly--impels hundreds of state and federal agents annually to deploy some 150,000 traps baited with the male medfly attractant trimedlure.
New indices and method to measure the sexual compatibility and mating performance of medfly (Diptera: Tephriti dae) laboratory--reared strains under field cage conditions.
To produce TSL males requires insectary workers to bathe the white, banana-shaped medfly eggs in 97 [degrees] F water for 12 to 24 hours.
Department of Agriculture and the region's Medfly eradication effort.