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MEDICMobile Diagnosis for Improved Care
MEDICMedical, Environmental, Disease, Intelligence, and Countermeasures
MEDICMulti-Echo Data Image Combination (magnetic resonance)
MEDICMercy Economic Development International Corporation (Tallmadge, OH)
MEDICMarshalltown Economic Development Impact Committee (Marshalltown, IA)
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The medics reiterated accusations that the authorities used "harsh and systematic torture" during months of initial detention in the wake of a deadly crackdown on protests in March last year.
He initially set out to train 15 medics, but ended up re-writing the whole programme that now reaches out to around 200,00 people, including the police and the airforce.
Staff Sergeant Dan McAlister has been honoured for his ground-breaking work in training the medics of the Afghan National Army.
Medic Loan: Medical centres, clinics, labs and pharmacies authorised by health authorities and listed with one or more insurance company.
The Department of Combat Medic Training, part of the 232nd Medical Battalion, is one of 14 teaching departments within the AMEDD Center and School Academy of Health Sciences.
The combat medics said they appreciated the DAV's service mission.
Marie was immediately admitted to hospital suffering from osteitis, and had the remaining part of his finger amputated, according to the medic.
Hb[A.sub.1c] decreased by 0.9% in MEDIC patients from a baseline of 8.1%, and by 0.1% With Usual care.
During OEF VII, C Company, 710th Brigade Support Battalion (BSB), 3d IBCT, sent 24 of its 27 female medics on missions with maneuver elements.
Sometimes they take casualties back to base and call in the immediate response team of medics along with a doctor who fly in by helicopter to take the injured to the British Field Hospital.
We are in support of our national missions--every time a shuttle is launched, every time we recover a Soyuz capsule we have Air Force medics deployed to support those efforts placed in strategic positions along the flight path and the glide path of those vehicles.
It was at this point that George "Doc" Hauer, an 18-year-old Army medic, came to Pittman's rescue.