MEDICCMedical Education Cooperation with Cuba
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He pointed out that despite the change in policy towards Cuba announced by US President Donald Trump in 2017, those mechanisms continue to be in force and he considered that this Medicc number explains why what has been achieved to date should be protected.
Specialist care, including access to technology, is the expensive pinnacle of this commercialised world, and the privileges of that wealthy elite are jealously guarded (see MEDICC 2008).
"We are honored that MEDICC has been chosen for a significant grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies," said Gail Reed, MED-ICC's international director.
MEDICC Review (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which works to enhance cooperation among "global health communities aimed at better health outcomes." (8)
Details: Camila Curtis-Contreras, Program Asst, MEDICC, 1814 Franklin St, Ste 500, Oakland CA 94612.
MEDICC, International Journal of Cuban Health and Medicine, 10(2), 14-20.
Bourne, chairman of the pro-Castro Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC), has been a radical left-wing activist for more than three decades.
MEDICC Rev 2012; 14: 26-30, doi: 10.1590/S1555-79602012000300005.
Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) has welcomed the recently signed historic pact between the United States and Cuba, paving the way for health collaboration.
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Conner Gorry is senior editor of Medicc Review (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba)
"MEDICC, along with Global Links, has launched a joint humanitarian campaign to send relief to Santiago de Cuba," explained Jeannie Barbieri-Low of Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba in Decatur, Ga.