MEDISModular Electronic Document Information System
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My Medis.In technology has a broad portfolio of pending and granted international patents.
At the end of August last year, Actis invested in Medis with the aim of working with the founder of the Tunisian-based pharma company, Dr Lassaad Boujbel, and the management to expand across Africa and the Middle East.
MediS' acquisition includes a 34,000mA manufacturing facility in the Rufisque district of Dakar, Senegal.
The objectives of MEDIS is to share information and know-how between members and propose legal and regulatory measures for decision makers to support the sector.
The delivery of healthcare to patients increasingly relies on Medical Informationm Systems (MedIS).
Enterprise Lithuania is showcasing six of Lithuania's best enterprises at this year's edition of the region's premier wood-focused exhibition, including Enterprise Lithuania, Jures Medis, Plankmara, JM Haus, Grafu Baldai and Teja Wooden Boats.
Tuomet primirstas, pirmaisiais pokario desimtmeciais medis dazniausiai buvo naudotas tik mazaauksciu namu statyboje ir tik nuo 7 desimtmecio pasaulines regionalizmo "vietos dvasios" idejos ir modernus medzio architekturos pavyzdziai vel sudomino Lietuvos projektuotojus sia medziaga bei praplete mediniu pastatu tipologija (Gabrenas 2009).
Already on the market is a non-methanol system, the 24/7 Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell Charger by Medis. The $35 kit runs on slightly greener sodium boro-hydride, but there have been hiccups.
Many Tunisian companies such as Adwya, Medis and Cogepha have already made a name for themselves and are increasingly eying foreign markets with success.