MEDLMedical Unit Leader
MEDLMeta-Event Definition Language
MEDLMycobacterium Extensor Digitorum Longus
MEDLMarconi Electronic Devices Ltd. (General Electric Company)
MEDLMaster of Education Leadership (master's degree program)
MEDLMülheimer Energiedienstleistung GmbH
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MEDL Mobile distanced itself from the NRA and from the game in a comment provided to Polygon.
[8.] Boyle MH, Torrance GW, Developing Multiattribute Health Indexes, Medl Care 1984; 22(11): 1045-1057.
The MEDL Mobile Custom Development team will join BBK Holdings, which comprises BBK Worldwide, a leading clinical trial marketing firm for patient engagement and recruitment, TCN Technologies, and Agency320, the company's advertising, branding and media firm.
US communication, technology and marketing specialist BBK Holdings LLC said it had agreed to purchase the custom application development division of domestic mobile application developer MEDL Mobile Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:MEDL).
There's Sri Sivastrin, a technology guru at Marsh, or Jeffrey Alpaugh in real estate, Holly Medl in healthcare, Jean Demchak for higher education, or Duncan Ellis for property.
(3.) Peters-Engl C, Frank W, Kerschbaum F, Denison U, Medl M, Sevelda P Lunar phases and survival of breast cancer patients--a statistical analysis of 3,757 cases.
MEDL Technology has announced the prototype of "The Panel." the world's first fully functional, portable LED monitor, For updates on The Panel, visit
In the presence of Wy14643, mPPAR[alpha] and hPPAR[alpha] shared a similar pattern of interaction with coregulators, releasing NCoR (nuclear receptor co-repressor 1) and efficiently recruiting Medl (mediator complex subunit 1), PGC-1[alpha] (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-[alpha] coactivator 1[alpha]), and to a lower extent p300 (E1A binding protein p300).
EModE bannes, plural of banne, influenced by MedL bannum 'ban', adapted from MFr banns.
Kevin Parry finished 8-up to win a bogey competiton from Gareth Williams and Marc Salisbury, both on 7-up, and Medl Jones won a stable ford with 46 points, two ahead of Ynyr Llwyd.
The MOS short-form general health survey: reliability and validity in a patient population, Medl Care 26:724-735.
(4) This calculation was carried out at the input and output midband frequencies using the model shown in Figure 2 (MEDL DC 1338).