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MEDLARSMedical Literature Analysis & Retrieval System
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Forty-one percent of this group had used MEDLARS at least once.
I had recently completed a large-scale evaluation of MEDLARS (published in 1968).
In this paper, I first summarize Lancaster's two major evaluations of the MEDLARS system and discuss their impact at NLM and more generally in the field of information science.
A second phase included machine searches of MEDLARS and CBAC in order to compare manual versus machine retrieval.
Biblio-Link II currently transfers download files from DIALOG, MEDLARS, SilverPlatter, and STN information services.
The Information Center there (MIC-KIBIC) has been the Nordic MEDLARS center for more than 20 years.
In 1981, there were more than 1,800 users of the twenty MEDLARS databases.
The early attempts at reaching the end-user market simply involved making training in the use of online systems such as MEDLARS, BRS, and DIALOG more widely available to end-users.
Biblio-link II will currently transfer download files from Dialog, MEDLARS, and SilverPlatter information services.
Rogers (the National Library of Medicine's MEDLARS system), Estelle Brodman (first automated card catalog and online serials control system named PHILSOM, for Periodical Holdings in Libraries of Schools of Medicine), Irwin Pizer (developer of the SUNY Network, precursor to BRS), and Naomi Broering (MiniMEDLINE[TM], LIS[TM], and BioSYNTHESIS) (The National Library.
where he was responsible for the introduction of the personal computing package, GRATEFUL MED, and the implementation of the MEDLARS 3 production system.
The Biblio-Links Package for the Macintosh will include all three Macintosh Biblio-Links, BRS, Dialog, and MEDLARS.