MEDLLMultipath Estimation Delay Lock Loop
MEDLLMultipath Estimating Delay-Lock-Loop (Novatel)
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Using the ML principle, the MEDLL calculates the parameter estimates as values for which the following log-likelihood function is maximized [3]-[5]
Step 3--Calculate estimates using MEDLL algorithm (i = 1, .
For comparison, the performance of conventional MEDLL (Ncorr = 10, 21 correlators) is also shown.
1, PF-MEDLL and MEDLL estimators with a two-path model and a single path model are shown for comparison.
3 compare the performance of MEDLL and PF-MEDLL estimators in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise.
2 RMSEs for the PF-MEDLL and the MEDLL algorithms when the received signal contains only the LOS component is shown.
3 the two curves show the RMSE for PF-MEDLL and MEDLL methods in case of an additional reflected path delayed by 0.
In this paper a Bayesian modification of MEDLL algorithm has been proposed to mitigate multipath influence in the estimation of the LOS signal delay.
Using NovAtel's patented MEDLL technology, the WAAS receiver sorts out the signals and hones in on the direct signal by rejecting reflected low angle and longer distance multipath signals, in effect reducing the effect of multipath interference to negligible levels.