MEDLLMultipath Estimation Delay Lock Loop
MEDLLMultipath Estimating Delay-Lock-Loop (Novatel)
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Using the ML principle, the MEDLL calculates the parameter estimates as values for which the following log-likelihood function is maximized [3]-[5]
Step 3--Calculate estimates using MEDLL algorithm (i = 1, .
For comparison, the performance of conventional MEDLL (Ncorr = 10, 21 correlators) is also shown.
1, PF-MEDLL and MEDLL estimators with a two-path model and a single path model are shown for comparison.
3 compare the performance of MEDLL and PF-MEDLL estimators in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise.
2 RMSEs for the PF-MEDLL and the MEDLL algorithms when the received signal contains only the LOS component is shown.
3 the two curves show the RMSE for PF-MEDLL and MEDLL methods in case of an additional reflected path delayed by 0.
In this paper a Bayesian modification of MEDLL algorithm has been proposed to mitigate multipath influence in the estimation of the LOS signal delay.