MEDLOGMedical Logistics System
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Sea duty billets include 1st MEDLOG (Camp Pendleton, California), 2nd MEDLOG (Camp Lejeune, North Carolina) and 3rd MEDLOG (Okinawa, Japan) and come with numerous opportunities to deploy with a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).
MEDLOG is more than just class VIII (medical materiel) commodity management.
After a decade of HSS support during Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF), there are numerous examples of Army MEDLOG challenges as well as accomplishments.
WHO spokesperson Paul Garwood said that MedLog can be completed within six
As a result, more logisticians have joined the electronic MEDLOG movement on the battlefield.
While in Iraq, the 172d MEDLOG Battalion had used a forward-deployed team (FDT) concept to facilitate the training of critical MOS skills.
Through these efforts, the MEDLOG platoon provided $1.9 million worth of medical supplies for local hospitals and for medical training for Afghans.
What was just said--"translated"--is that the Joint Medical Asset Repository (JMAR), Army Pre-positioned Stocks (APS), the Joint Deployment Formulary (JDF) (pharmaceuticals), and Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) ("MOPP [mission-oriented protective posture] gear," or protective suits) are lust a few of the considerations that concern joint medical logistics (MEDLOG) managers in their support of the Army's area support medical companies (ASMCs), the Navy's Expeditionary Medical Facility Portsmouth (EMFP), the Air Force's preventive medicine teams (PMTAFs), and the Marine Corps' force service support groups (FSSGs).
At the aid station and FSMC levels, requisitioning by line item is not always the solution, even alter the supporting MEDLOG unit is established.
In August, the 31st Combat Support Hospital (CSH) at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, became the first Army facility in Southwest Asia to use the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) system--an automated medical logistics (MEDLOG) system used to support inventory management and property accountability in medical treatment facilities.