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MEDMAMiddle East Drymix Mortar Association
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Medma signed a memorandum of understanding with Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) to curb the imports of unsatisfactory materials that shorten a building's lifespan, and to review standards and adapt specific regulations for the climate and workmanship common in the UAE.
Under the agreement, Medma with DCL will start a legislative initiative to make testing of mortars according to choice standards mandatory for all materials within Dubai Municipality, after an initial training period for the lab staff of about 12 months.
The festivities may have continued well into the morning hours had it not been dampened by two developments: A sudden midnight rain shower; and a message warning Jim Bowie that General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the military dictator of Mexico, had encamped with several thousand troops on the Medma River--just a few miles south of the mission-fortress called the Alamo.