MEDPARMedicare Provider Analysis and Review (Medicare)
MEDPARMedical Patient Accounting and Reporting
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The author is grateful to Rachel Werner for assistance in obtaining access to the MEDPAR data and to Mark Pauly, Scott Harrington, Guy David, Joel Waldfogel, Jenny Kenney, and Stephen Zuckerman for helpful advice and suggestions.
The 50 PPC cost estimates shown in Table 2, derived from the national MEDPAR data set, were compared to previous estimates for 49 PPCs (excluding PPC 26) and 47 PPCs (excluding PPCs 54 and 64) for Maryland and California, respectively (Fuller et al.
We used the departmental method to estimate the accounting cost of MEDPAR discharges.
Beneficiary liability was calculated as 20 percent of the portion of the bundled payment apportioned to the Part B trust fund under the demonstration, plus the inpatient deductible (if owed) from the MEDPAR files.
MEDPAR data contain a summarized record for 100 percent of all admissions to acute and longstay hospitals, as well as SNFS.
MEDPAR contains a summarized record of hospital claims for all Medicare hospitalizations in a given calendar year.
Data bases outside the Medicare provider analysis and review (MEDPAR) files will be used to supplement MEDPAR data, as has been done in the past.
MEDPAR is an analytical file created from Medicare hospital and SNF claims and maintained by HCFA.