MEDPROSMedical Protection System
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However, some practitioners were unfamiliar with this discrepancy and initially declared presumptive immunity based on an "up to date" MEDPROS immunization report.
That number has nearly quadrupled in 8 years as a result of the HR category on MEDPROS.
MEDPROS automatically identified many of those Soldiers as Hearing Readiness Class IV because they were overdue for their annual (12-month) hearing test.
Hearing Readiness Hearing Readiness Class I and II Class III and IV ("GO") ("NO-GO") June 07 (N=16722) 84% 16% July 07 (N=16986) 83% 17% Aug 07 (N=16933) 74% 26% Sept 07 (N=17081) 72% 28% Oct 07 (N=17142) 72% 28% Nov 07 (N=17341) 74% 26% Dec 07 (N=17481) 83% 17% Jan 08 (N=17818) 91% 9% Feb 08 (N=18049) 91% 9% March 08 (N=18427) 91% 9% Apr 08 (N=18428) 94% 6% May 08 (N=18514) 94% 6% June 08 (N=18435) 93% 7% July 08 (N=18523) 92% 8% Aug 08 (N=18502) 89% 11% Sept 08 (N=18527) 96% 4% Oct 08 (N=18749) 96% 4% Nov 08 (N=18985) 96% 4% Dec 08 (N=19140) 95% 5% Note: Number in parentheses is total number of Soldiers on Fort Carson as shown in the MEDPROS database.
The required method for completing and forwarding deployment health forms is the Army Medical Department Medical Protection System (MEDPROS).
A record of each immunization required for deployment will be documented using MEDPROS. Immunization requirements vary by deployment destination (for specific guidance, see Army Regulation 40-562 6 and the PPG4).
A record of predeployment testing for tuberculosis infection and human immunodeficiency virus infection, performed as prescribed by DoD and DA policy, will be recorded using MEDPROS. A record of testing for deployment-related tuberculosis infection, as prescribed by DoD and DA policy, will also be recorded using MEDPROS.
Electronic completion and capture of deployment related health forms, archiving deployment health related forms and data in the centralized database at AFHSC, and the use of systems like MEDPROS to document and monitor deployment health related requirements have all improved dramatically.