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Over time we're starting to see people's behavior change and we're measuring that through MedStat. We look longitudinally across people's health care experiences, ultimately tying it to outcomes, which are health risk scores and cost to the corporation.
The MEDSTAT Advantage Suite[R] for Health Plans is a data warehouse that is linked to decision support systems used by insurers and health plans so they can strengthen their market position by measuring and improving financial and clinical performance.
The Medstat Group used a database of more than 4 million privately insured individuals covered by large employers.
SOURCES: Larson, M.J., New England Research Institutes, Miller, K., Medstat, Sharma, S., and Manderscheid, R., Center for Mental Health services.
Data for the privately insured are from the 1994 Medstat MarketScan data.
A more direct measure of severity of illness was calculated using a variable called RDSCALE, which is a later development of the Disease Staging System (Gonnella, Hornbrook, and Louis 1984; Coffey and Goldfarb 1986) by Medstat, Inc.
Doug Shaw is a client service manager with The MEDSTAT Group, Ann Arbor, MI.
Risk-adjustment was performed using Medstat's Disease Staging methodology (Gonella, Hornbrook, and Louis 1984).
In addition to the Tape-to-Tape data, other major sources of data include the Area Resource File, the 1990 census and the MEDSTAT Group's MarketScan[R] data are used.
Although the data on Medicare patients contained within all-patient state datasets are generally consistent with information on Medicare patients in the CMS Medicare data (Medstat Group Research and Policy Division 2000), and there is some evidence that hospital admission patterns for all patients can be predicted from the admission patterns of Medicare patients (Radany and Luft 1993), it is an empirical question whether Medicare data can be used as a close substitute for all-patient data for hospital quality studies.
in affiliation with Harvard Medical School, the MEDSTAT Group, and Westat.
Dennis Bush is the senior vice president of The MEDSTAT Group of Ann Arbor, MI, where he directs development of new products and their delivery to MEDSTAT customers and provides senior-level consulting on analytical and methodological issues for key accounts.