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MEDUSAMulti Environment Deployable Universal Software Application (various universities; UK)
MEDUSAMultifunction Electro-Optics for Defense of US Aircraft
MEDUSAMiniaturized Electrostatic Dual-Top-Hat Spherical Analyzer (Astrid-2 spacecraft)
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She could never have guessed what she had done to make Maggie angry with her; but she felt that Maggie was very unkind and disagreeable, and made no magnanimous entreaties to Tom that he would not "tell," only running along by his side and crying piteously, while Maggie sat on the roots of the tree and looked after them with her small Medusa face.
For, Medusa, besides unmistakingly glaring petrifaction at the fascinating Tippins, follows every lively remark made by that dear creature, with an audible snort: which may be referable to a chronic cold in the head, but may also be referable to indignation and contempt.
The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding in January to open up the possibility of Medusa earning a 70 percent stake by investing $3 million over the next four years; however, a March 1 deadline for such a deal was not met, according to the Proactive Investors website.
ASIC raised concerns about the recoverable amount of Medusas exploration and evaluation assets in its financial report for the year ended 30 June 2017.
Told from the point of view of Medusa growing up in modern society, the lyrical new writing sheds light on the softer side of the monster we think we know.
Nancy Basile told Media Medusa, LLC, "When you're an avid fan of Harry Potter, like I am, you see the wizarding world everywhere you look.
Last December's Medusa 2015 drills coincided with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's visit to Greece.
Compared to the March quarter, this is a 15-percent improvement on grade at similar tonnage throughputs, resulting in 16 percent more ounces,' Medusa said in a statement.
Ms Carrington said she wanted half the clientele at the Medusa Lodge to be women.
But, while clothes will always be worn on the main stage area, Medusa will still offer lap dancing in more discreet parts of the club.
1), Shelley creates a fragmentary ekphrastic shield of words that is not meant to protect against the purported deadliness of Medusa's glance, but rather aims to undo the representational and ideological structures of patriarchal power that make Medusa a monster in the first place, and of which the sword-wielding Perseus is no more than an instrument.
This study searches for new meanings in the sexual symbolism of the sculpture Perseus and Medusa, created by Benvenuto Cellini during the Italian Renaissance.