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MEEMiddle Ear Effusion
MEEMultistate Essay Exam (National Conference of Bar Examiners)
MEEMedical Education England (advisory board; UK; est. 2009)
MEEMigration-Enhanced Epitaxy
MEEMaster of Electrical Engineering
MEEMere Exposure Effect (psychology)
MEEMise En Etat (French)
MEEMission-Essential Equipment
MEEMobile Experience Engine (Mobile Digital Commons Network)
MEEMinimum Essential Equipment
MEEMethyl Ester Ethoxylate
MEEMaintenance Engineering Evaluation
MEEMachinery, Electrical and Electronic (industries)
MEEMagyar Elektrotechnikai Egyesulet (Hungary)
MEEMask Error Enhancement
MEEMiddle East Electricity (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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While City discarded Mee, he is treasured at Burnley where he has been key to them enjoying their best campaign for 44 years.
I think that was an indicator of how successful weve been," said Mee, a Wheaton resident.
And they could come face to face as rivals at Goodison today with Mee desperate to make a point.
Mee, who could face his former team-mate at Goodison today, said: "I'm delighted for Michael.
Mee was on City's books from the age of nine until he was 21 - but had to leave to get regular games.
Mee told him: "Well, it is International Women's Day, Lord Heseltine.
This is the first time Habibhas been arrested and MEE reports that"Hanashi said he believes the writer's detention could be in relation to a series of Facebook posts he wrote regarding a rebellion in Oman that took place in the 1960s and 1970s.
Sentencing him, judge Alistair McCreath told Mee his victims had endured a "distressing" ordeal.
Mee, who celebrated her 60th birthday last Friday, was born into racing in 1955 and has spent a lifetime involved in the sport she loves.
I noticed that most podplays were a combination of a recorded podcast and some kind of live theatrical event, usually where you go on a certain walk at a specific time," Mee observes.
The group's optical component, See Mee, offered free retinal imaging to patients and a one-hour spectacles service and aimed to make up half of its stock with high-end fashion brands.
He has been linked with a number of positions, but Mee hopes the 43-year-old remains at the club - irrespective of where they finish the season.