MEEAMidwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
MEEAMiddle East Economic Association
MEEAMontana Environmental Education Association (est. 1991)
MEEAMid-peninsula Environmental Educators Alliance
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THE progress of the project will be discussed at the MEEA Project Exit Event ONTsaWhile this is not a public event, the results will be published shortly after.
Taking place in London, the congress gives participants the chance to network with colleagues, peers and companies from the MEEA region.
While individual site bargaining, even within the framework of a national MECA, was not our preferred option, the NZNO negotiating team saw this as a way of delivering the best increase possible, in light of the fact it is a year since the MEEA process began and cost of Living increases members face.
Aly, who is also president of MEEA, explained: "We will be discussing the impact of oil shocks on economic growth in the Mena region, the way economic development reacts to oil prices under different market conditions, the current and future states of the shale oil industry, the impact of oil price drops on Mena's financial markets and exchange rates, to name a few.
The MEEA is a private, non-profit, non-political organisation of scholars interested in the study of the economies and economics of the Middle East.
He went on to say an emerging trend in e-Education called for the creation of MEEA whose activities will include networking information systems, e-Learning awareness sessions and policy development.
What we have always said is that we want to work with employers to get the additional funding from Government required to fund the PHC MEEA," Wilson said.