MEECSMichigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support
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The improper nature of [[upsilon].sub.p] and its close relation with inertia [6] are indicative of vibrations triggered by "imminent" violations of the radiation speed limit (ZPR absorbed-emitted by MEECs) when the ordinary motion takes place (quantum wave-packet), as suggested in the reference [5].
These questions included, "Why don't we drink the water from the creek?," "If pesticides are sprayed on lawns what effect does it have on the creek?," "Why can't we find macroinvertibrates in the creek?," and "How much water does my family use, and how does this use compare to families in other parts of the world." Tracey used curriculum materials and strategies from MEECS (family water use surveys, handouts on macroinvertibrate identification, and so on), and invited a guest speaker from the Huron River Watershed Council (a community organization that she already had a relationship with and that had been involved in the planning process that launched SEMIS) to teach about the watershed.
Tracey has most recently reflected that other teachers at her grade level should have access to the MEECS curriculum, just like she had.