MEERTMetro East Emergency Response Team (Belleville, IL)
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"It will get you understanding topics such as custom audience, pixels and carousel ads within two or three minutes," Meert said.
These have since been developed in line with the uniform adoption of post-dilution HDF (Meert et al., 2009).
This year, galleries making their debut at Art Dubai include Ota Fine Arts (Tokyo), GallerySKE (Delhi/Bangalore), Marisa Newman Projects (New York), Tyler Rollins (New York), BarE Galeria (SEuo Paulo), Gladstone Gallery (New York), Marian Goodman (New York/Paris), Galerie Greta Meert (Brussels), Galleria Franco Noero (Turin), Yavuz Fine Art (Singapore), and 313 Art Project (Seoul), among others.
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Este hecho complica el analisis y estudio del fenomeno y hace que las comparaciones entre paises sean muy dificiles de realizar (Edgar, Doherty y Meert, 2002; Edgar y Meert, 2006; European Comission, 2007; Edgard y Doherty, 2010).