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MEESMiddle East Economic Survey (magazine)
MEESMigrant Education Even Start (US Department of Education)
MEESMarine Estuarine Environmental Sciences (graduate program; University of Maryland; College Park, MD)
MEESMinistry of Ecology and Emergency Situations (Kyrgyz Republic)
MEESMissile End Game Evaluation System
MEESMiscellaneous Electrical Equipment Spaces
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Paul Mees opens Transport for Suburbia by delineating the anticipated audience of the book: 'people concerned about the environmental and social costs of automobile-dominated cities'.
Khadduri is a consultant for MEES Oil & Gas (MeesEnergy)
This article first published in the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES).
Mees said it is necessary to wait for the winter season to harvest the trees.
The pans have previously been documented to contain unconsolidated lacustrine deposits in some basins (Mees 1999a, 2001).
The book criticizes private sector provision of public transport, Bus Rapid Transit, bicycling, land-use planners, and policy makers--often singling out specific individuals as representatives of ideas that Mees believes are misguided.
The MEES group have agreed to sponsor the KIND calendar to help celebrate its 35th year.
Summary: According to a report by the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), Libya's National Oil Corp.
It's a posthumous publication, written by Patricia Mees Armstrong, by most accounts a brash, opinionated woman, writer and poet who held dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland, hence the brogue.
Bernard Mees (Fellow of the University of Melbourne) presents Celtic Curses, the first in-depth, scholarly assessment of early Celtic cursing, including but far from limited to the binding tablets of ancient Britain and Gaul, as well as records of early medieval Celtic stipulation and binding.
The Islamic Republic of Iran will gain gasoline self-sufficiency by 2013 and then will turn to an exporter of the fuel, MEES reported.