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MEETSModernisation of European Enterprise and Trade Statistics (EU)
MEETSMarine Environmental Engineering Technology Symposium
MEETSMinimum Essential Engine Tracking System
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Like two deep streams from high rocks meeting, mixing, roaring on the plain; loud, rough and dark in battle meet Lochlin and Innis-fail.
Swaran saw them from the hill on which he fought, and turning from the pursuit of the men of Erin, he marched to meet Fingal.
You owe your thanks more to another man than to me," I said, "and here he is; meet one of Barsoom's greatest soldiers and statesmen, Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark.
At the top of the great steps leading up to the main portals of the palace stood the royal party, and as we reached the lower steps one of their number descended to meet us.
That Tardos Mors," he said, earnestly, "may meet the greatest living warrior of Barsoom is a priceless honor, but that he may lay his hand on the shoulder of a friend and ally is a far greater boon.
With the recovery of her customary composure came the unwelcome remembrance of the parting words spoken to her by Montbarry's widow:--'We shall meet again--here in England, or there in Venice where my husband died--and meet for the last time.
He asked Darzac to meet him for the purpose of arranging the matter, appointing the time when Larsan would be with Mademoiselle Stangerson.
When the dancing is at its height you'll steal out to meet me.
Not having found Kuragin in Turkey, Prince Andrew did not think it necessary to rush back to Russia after him, but all the same he knew that however long it might be before he met Kuragin, despite his contempt for him and despite all the proofs he deduced to convince himself that it was not worth stooping to a conflict with him- he knew that when he did meet him he would not be able to resist calling him out, any more than a ravenous man can help snatching at food.
And giving her no further reply, he began thinking of the glad vindictive moment when he would meet Kuragin who he knew was now in the army.
I want to meet that man whom I despise, so as to give him a chance to kill and laugh at me!
3 : to be at a place to greet or keep an appointment <Please meet me at the airport.