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MEF2Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2
MEF2Mitochondrial Elongation Factor-G (genetics)
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All the genes associated with oxidative potential of longissimus dorsi and triceps muscles showed no significant difference among the age groups except for MEF2 and CaN genes in longissimus dorsi.
A hallmark of the MEF2 proteins is their propensity to associate with cell-specific and signal-dependent cofactors.
This polypeptide, CHAMP (cardiac helicase activated by MEF2 protein), bears striking resemblance to a number of other helicase proteins and appears to play a role in RNA processing and transcriptional control in heart muscle.
This implies that MKK3 enhances the activity of the MEF2 transcription factor.
MiR-1 promotes myocyte differentiation by repressing expression of histone deacetylase 4 (HDAC4), a negative regulator of differentiation and a repressor of the MEF2 transcription factor (Chen et al.
Only three TFBS genes were overrepresented among loci whose methylation was associated with LINE-1 methylation: MEF2, TBX1, and POU2F1.
Regulation of muscle differentiation by the MEF2 family of MADS box transcription factors.