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MEFFMercado Español de Futuros Financieros (Financial Futures Spanish Market)
MEFFMulticultural Eid Festival and Fair (Sydney, Australia)
MEFFMost Esteemed First Finder (geocaching)
MEFFMacroeconomic and Fiscal Framework (various organizations)
MEFFMarin Environmental Film Festival (California)
MEFFMarine Electronics Fire Fighting
MEFFMission Essential Feeding Facility (Little Rock Air Force Base dining hall; Arkansas)
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We are very pleased to offer support for MEFF on the X_TRADER platform," said Harris Brumfield, CEO of TT.
MEFF was responsible for rating the different counterparties and will oversee the energy nomination and settlement process.
FIMAT expects Fimatrade(TM) to be linked to other leading global exchanges, including GLOBEX; TSE; OSE; SFE; HKFE; CBOT; MEFF and TIFFE by the end of the year.
LIVERPOOL comic Willie Miller has taken over city centre gin bar Jenever - and told "smellos, meffs or narks" to stay at home.
Taxi Meffs secured their first win off the season to climb off the foot of the league table.