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MEFFMercado Español de Futuros Financieros (Financial Futures Spanish Market)
MEFFMission Essential Feeding Facility (Little Rock Air Force Base dining hall; Arkansas)
MEFFMulticultural Eid Festival and Fair (Sydney, Australia)
MEFFMost Esteemed First Finder (geocaching)
MEFFMacroeconomic and Fiscal Framework (various organizations)
MEFFMarin Environmental Film Festival (California)
MEFFMarine Electronics Fire Fighting
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The Collins English dictionary defines meff as i) a tramp, ii) a stupid or worthless person.
This model is proposed by MEFF RV in circular 16/93 for computing implied volatilities and is used by most market operators.
Andrew Meff, from FRHT, said: "It came here on March 14 for the completion of the turntable restoration and now other trips have been chartered.
On the largest open theatre in the Red Sea, with the presence of Egypt, Syria and Tunisia and after the great success of its first and second editions, the Middle East Fashion Festival (MEFF) presents its third edition for the first time in Hurghada.
Eva Destruction hosts a tribute to David Bowie, featuring performances by The Daily Pravda, Preacher Roe, Andy Cummings, Brian King, Mika Cooper, The Rhode Island Ukulele Armada, Susan Catinski, Keri Anderson, Eric Yankus-Franco, Greg Roman, and Meff n' Jojo's Tiny Instrument Revue, Niki Luparelli, Dan Burke and the Gold Diggers, along with burlesque performances at 8:30 p.m.
The two sites, linked to Madrid through high-speed, high-capacity lines, will make it easier for firms in London to access the Spanish equities and derivatives platforms, SIBE and MEFF, respectively.
Andrew Meff, chairman of Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust, said: "Next year we have about 12 more visits planned and a few of those will be the Tornado returning to Aberdeen."
Andrew Meff from FHRT said: "It is a great boost for tourism in Aberdeen and it is great to open up to the public."
And Louise Doherty said: "Yesss Tinhead lad, make it Brookie themed, best catchphrase ever 'meff gone wrong'."
Tone: ``I hardly think the introduction of such phrases as ``Pass us the salt, yer daft meff''or ``leave Iraqalone, yer melt''have improved our family's mealtime conversation.''
His wonderful character Gerald Roberts -- driver to the stars and champion of the Meff -- ripped the roof off the place.
Most arehardlyused today, but the likes of "balloon-head", "pleb", the legendary "divvie" and the nowpoliticallyincorrect but oncehugelypopular "meff" still stand alone as Scouse slang silverware.