MEFFVMAGTF Expeditionary Family of Fighting Vehicles (US Marine Corps)
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The Iraq conflict will change the MEFFV program," said Col.
It is not yet clear how many vehicles will comprise the MEFFV program.
But he seemed dismissive of the idea that the MEFFV and the FCS should be 100-percent common.
The MEFFV has a "different timeline and different objective" than the FCS, Beal said.
Power trains, weapon systems, sensor suites developed for the FCS would easily be transferable to MEFFV.
Beal said he does not expect the MEFFV vehicles to be helicopter transportable because the MEU typically would nor have enough birds to shuttle vehicles.
Yakovac, noted that programs such as FCS and MEFFV are "hard to bring together.
Gregory Fetter, land-warfare analyst at Forecast International/DMS, mid that bringing together the MEFFV and the FCS is the only way that the Marines can be assured they'll have enough money to develop their vehicles.
The Marine Corps Combat Development Command is responsible for defining the MEFFV requirements, before Beal's office can begin the actual design and development process.
The so-called "operational requirements document" for MEFFV will not be finished until late 2004, he said.
Ideally said Beal, the MEFFV platforms will be "modular, plug-and-play" so certain pieces can be removed and replaced relatively quickly, based on the missions.
MEFFV is likely to include a heavier, more survivable vehicle--of about 30 tons-to replace the current 70-ton tank.