MEFGMulti Enterprise Finance Gateway
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One study found that, at baseline, adolescents who went on to engage in heavy drinking had reduced brain response during successful inhibition in the DLPFC, miFG, SFG, IFG, meFG, paracentral lobules, cingulate, putamen, miTG, IPL, and pons, compared with adolescents who remained alcohol naive.
The interhemispheric asynchrony in the MeFG was positively correlated with Z scores of episodic memory (Figure 2).
The ROC analysis demonstrated that the regional VMHC changes of MeFG (AUC = 0.808, P < 0.001) exhibited good performance in distinguishing HP patients from healthy controls, with sensitivity (75.8%) and specificity (75.8%) (Figure 3).
In the first case, singularity problem of the moment matrix A(x) occurs; thus the EFG method fails, while the MEFG method can also obtain excellent agreement with the analytical solution; see Figures 4 and 5.
Para la solucion numerica del problema por medio del MEFG se utilizan los datos dados por la Tabla 1.
Tenders are invited for supply and fixing of mefg at bpcl dhanbad depot.
Tenders are invited for providing auto replenishment facility for mefg foam connection at hazira depot
Tenders are invited for supply of (12nos.)ulfm monitors (500 /750 gpm) & (3nos.) mefg (600lpm) at akolner
Tenders are invited for supply of hand siren and mefg
Tenders are invited for fabrication and erection for mefg and pipeline materials for ows, sludge pit and sunken pump house
Tenders are invited for installation of mefg at ows1 & ows2 at patna top
Limited Tenders are invited for Installation & fixing of loading arms & mefg at jammu depot