MEFMIMacroeconomic and Financial Management Institute (Zimbabwe)
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This support is greatly appreciated and we expect MEFMI member countries to migrate to Commonwealth Meridian so they can benefit from the enhanced features the new Commonwealth Meridian system offers.
Through its Debt Management Programme, the Commonwealth has been partnering with MEFMI for many years to build the capacity of debt management officials in the eastern and southern African region.
Phase IV grant will support three key areas of macroeconomic policy management; promotion of financial stability and deepening in the member states; and debt management capability in selected MEFMI member countries.
The ACBF provides funds for MEFMI and works with it to create capacity building initiatives and training.
Maruping, MEFMI's executive director for East and Southern Africa, said prior to its recommendations, the Tanzanian government was spending over $1m on foreign consultants when visiting the Paris Club.
This project envisages provision of grants to the MEFMI (Debt Management Programme) to work on the following activities jointly with World Bank teams: