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MEFTAMiddle East Free Trade Area
MEFTAUS-Middle East Free Trade Agreement
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This article discusses (1) whether external trade intervention, such as the proposed MEFTA initiative, will lead to greater economic integration of the Arab world into the multilateral trading regime and (2) whether MEFTA can serve as the catalyst to enhance intraregional trade and investment.
"We would want similar agreements with other nations in the region but are also keen on Mefta. There is a 2014 deadline for this but we hope it could be achieved sooner.
It allows people to lift their lives out of poverty, spurs economic and legal reforms, and the fight against corruption, and it reinforces the habits of liberty." (136) The MEFTA initiative rests on a fundamental premise: "national security can be enhanced and terrorism can be fought with trade," jobs, technology transfers, investment growth and modernization, which are thought to follow from the "free flow of goods, services, knowledge and capital." (137)
The post-Wall MEFTA vision includes complete control over Palestinian movement.
This broad policy initiative includes the proposed Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA).
It's the only country besides Israel to have free trade with North American (NAFTA) and European (MEFTA) blocks.
The event was sparked by the coming into operation last July of theMexico-European Union Free Trade Agreement (MEFTA).
Arrangements for a Middle East Free Trade Agreement -- a MEFTA along the lines of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] -- would allow the region to play a more creative role in the world economy ...
trade policy initiatives in the region, including the Middle East Free Trade Area Initiative (MEFTA).