MEGATMitteleuropäische Gesellschaft für Alternativmethoden zu Tierversuchen
MEGATMaine Educators of the Gifted and Talented (St. Albans, ME)
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Maybanks unique position being present in all the ASEAN countries supported by our 22 million customers worldwide, provides us a matchless advantage and opportunity to make a significant difference in the very communities we serve, not only economically but also socially and environmentally, explained Tan Sri Megat.
Under a dissolution event, "sukuk holders through the trustee or delegate will be entitled to declare an event of default, accelerate payments under the sukuk and enforce their rights in respect of any security or collateral provided to the sukukholders," Megat Hizaini Hassan, partner and head of the Islamic finance practice at Kuala Lumpur-based law firm Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill, said in an e-mail yesterday.
Megat Zuhairi1, (2), Haseeb Zafar1, (3) and David Harle (1)
Maybank's chairman Tan Sri Dato' Megat Zaharuddin bin Megat Mohd Nor said the bank had hired UBS to arrange the divestment of a stake in the Indonesian bank.
The decision debunks the myth that Islamic finance is unacceptable and unlikely to withstand legal challenges to its validity in court," said Megat Hizaini Hassan, Head of Islamic finance at Malaysian law firm Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill.
said Megat Hizaini Hassan, head of Sharia banking at Malaysian law firm Zaid Ibrahim & Co.
Megat Abd Rani PA, Irwin PJ, Gatne M, Coleman GT, Mclnnes LM, Traub RJ.
As the only group of 'outsiders' acknowledged as equals by the Perak royalty, the al-Faradz soon gained ascendance over the distinguished Megat family of Minangkabau origins.
On Friday, Kugan's parents met a six-man preliminary investigation committee, headed by council member Dr Megat Burhainuddin Megat Abdul Rahman.
On 16th July 1991, the Deputy Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Megat Junid, announced that Dr.
Ng Lee Yen, Kamariah Abu Bakar, Samsilah Roslan, Wong Suluan, & Petri Zabariah Megat Abdul Rahman