MEGDMinimal Euthyroid Graves' Disease
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According to Baker, Islamic wasatiyya in Egypt includes (1) the Labor Party and the newspaper al-shaab, the outlook of both of which has been shaped by Adel Hussain; (2) such professional associations as the Medical Association which, through the efforts of Essam Eryan, now provides a range of health and social services and constitutes a platform for national dialogue; and (3) the "New Islamic Trend" represented by such distinguished religious intellectuals as Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Kamal Aboul Megd, and Fabmy Huwaidy (pp.
(2.) It is worth noting that Adel Hussain, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Kamal Aboul Megd and Fahmy Huwaidy were all among the founders of The Circle of Tradition and Progress, and all serve as members of its Steering Committee.
In my view, the most compelling statement of the centrist Islamist position is Kamal Aboul Megd, A Contemporary Islamic vision: Declaration of Principles (Cairo: Dar al-Shorouq, 1991).