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MEGOMy Eyes Glaze Over (during a boring speech or briefing)
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'The full potential of 3D printing for MEGOs has not yet been realised,' said Aydin Sadeqi, graduate student in Sankusale's lab at Tufts University School of Engineering and lead author of the study.
George Lucas' people originally approached toy company Mego with the offer to produce action figures for the Star Wars movie.
Tina, January, been the marriage go thro "But invin te." Tina, who will return to acting in January, added: "The plastic surgery has been the most trying experience of our marriage, because of what Paul's seen mego through.
It feFrankenstein and he's the mego is just getting bigger anbeen nauseating ever since Britain's Best TV Judge at thAwards.
Look for evidence of MEGO, "My Eyes Glaze Over" (attributed to Washington Post publisher Ben Bradlee and others).
Developer's server embraces bitcoins for "Minecraft" Players of the popular "Minecraft" game can earn bitcoins through the BitQuest server offered by Mego, a game developer based in Chile.
I often get MEGO syndrome (My Eyes Glaze Over) in biology articles--until I came across "Me and my microbiome" (SN: 1/11/14, p.
Among their finds: a Big Jim Camper; and a Mego Action Jackson figure.
MSF president Mego Terzian told AFP that "scientific" proof is still lacking.