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(48) Sedma kapitola (Nejstarsi portugalsky psane texty) poskytuje ctendfi z meho pohledu velmi zajimave informace o okolnostech hleddni nejstarsiho portugalskeho textu [.
and the AUB administration with its wisdom and strategic vision," Lokman Meho, director of AUB University Libraries, said.
"We could not be more proud of this significant achievement, which is thanks to AUB faculty and their outstanding research and teaching performance; AUB alumni who serve as great ambassadors to the University and its remarkable ability to nurture and produce world class leaders in all aspects of life; and the AUB administration with its wisdom and strategic vision and ambitions, as well as its success in building the environment that allows AUB communities to flourish," added Meho.
Besic's father, Meho, was shot in the hand and leg on Saturday afternoon following a dispute in Bosnia in which he was hit by two bullets.
They relied on major databases such as IEEE, Nature, Scopus, ScienceDirect, the Web of Knowledge, and the Web of Science to locate relevant information, confirming results observed in the research practices of experts (Meho & Yang, 2007) and graduate students (Hemminger et al., 2007).
A realizacao de entrevistas online (tambem chamadas einterviews) foi considerada um metodo valido para pesquisas qualitativas (Bampton & Cowton, 2002; Holge-Hazelton, 2002; Meho, 2006), todavia, demandou um procedimento especifico.
Ahora bien, como afirman diferentes autores (Bar-Ilan, Levene & Tin, 2010; Meho & Yang, 2007) es necesario, para evitar sesgos, medir el rendimiento de un investigador o institucion con diferentes bases de datos; nuestro estudio contribuye a poder analizar un campo poco estudiado bibliometricamente y por consiguiente a que las valoraciones a profesores e instituciones sean mas rigurosas y justas.
The question as to how to measure the impact or importance of an article is a topic of much debate (Meho 2007; Vucovich, Baker, and Smith 2008), but the appeal of having "unobtrusive measures that do not require the cooperation of a respondent and do not themselves contaminate the response (i.e., they are non-reactive)" (Smith