MEHTMeine Ehre Heißt Treue (German gaming clan)
MEHTMinimum Eye Height over Threshold
MEHTMid Essex Hospitals Trust (UK)
MEHTMetal Embossing Hand Tool (Panduit Corp.)
MEHTMaster English for Hotel and Tourism (language course)
MEHTModified Extended Hueckel Theory
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The macroscopic selection of mEHT is based on certain differences in the metabolic rate of malignant and healthy cells (Warburg effect [8-10]).
In addition to the above localisations, mEHT also uses these structural differences for selection (pathological pattern recognition) of the malignant and healthy tissues (fractal physiology [18]).
The inhomogeneous electric field in the case of mEHT acts on transmembrane proteins by dielectrophoretic force, drifting them forwards.