MEIGMaritime Exercise Information Group
MEIGMiddle East International Group (telecommunications; Zürich, Switzerland)
MEIGMobile Entertainment Interest Group (international trade association)
MEIGMedical EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Implementation Guide (medical claims; various locations)
MEIGMultiple Elimination of Inert Gases (anesthesiology)
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INTRODUCTION: Meigs's syndrome is defined as the presence of ascitis and hydrothorax in association with a benign solid ovarian tumor.
According to the Estonian etymological dictionary the Estonian word meig, mei(u) denoting a holiday birch has its source in the Low German word mei, meige 'May' (EES 279).
Meigs syndrome and "false positive" preoperative serum CA-125 levels: analysis of ten cases.
Meig's Institute of the black women's role in juvenile justice reform),;view=1up;seq=239.
Effectiveness of new soil insecticides against the onion fly Hylemia antigua Meig Prace-Noukowe-Instytutu.
Portanto, existem evidencias de que a MEIG pode ser mais adequadamente representada por oito itens em uma estrutura bifatorial.
Another possible intersection of meaning for the word Pachuco present in the region at the turn of the twentieth century was found in Perveril Meig (1939) Kiliwa Indians of Lawer California.
macellaria Fab., Phormia regina Meig., Lucilia sericata Meig., L.
LOCH Meig, near Ally Hunter's home town of Strathpeffer, was the scene of his exciting encounter in the dark with this heavyweight wild brownie.
Structure and ultrastructure of the male reproductive system in Drosophila melanogaster Meig. Monit Zool (Ital) 2:105-182.
sp., microsporidie nouvelle, parasite des larves d'Anopheles maculipen nis Meig. C.R.