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The positive trends observed in the reproductive period in some populations are confirmed by the long-term trends of hibernating bats observed in various European countries (Van der Meij et al.
Meij previously worked as a legal adviser for the First German-Netherlands Corps, one of NATO's High Readiness Forces, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Almela, M., Hidalgo, V., van der Meij, L., Pulopulos, M.M., Villada, C., & Salvador, A.
In this perspective, there are authors who advocate debriefing (also termed as after-action reviews) as a critical stage of business games in relation to participants' learning (Peters & Vissers, 2004, Ben-Zvi & Carton, 2008, Kriz, 2010, Meij et al., 2013).
"With our growth plans over the next five to 10 years, we simply won't have enough delivery drivers if we do not look to add to our fleet through initiatives such as this," said Meij in a ( statement.
Heijnders and van der Meij (21) identified five levels at which stigma-reduction interventions can address stigma, each with its own aim as illustrated in Table 1.
Mirjam Gunther--van der Meij, Kees de Bot, Wandar Lowie i Edwin Klinkenberg bavili su se vezom izmedu dvojezicnosti leksickoga procesiranja i pokazali da stupanj dvojezicnosti nema utjecaj na brzinu leksickoga pristupa prepoznavanju rijeci u trecemu jeziku.
When there are three or more variables, Blackorby and Russell (1989) show that substitution can be measured by the Morishima elasticity MEij = [[epsilon].sub.ji] - [[epsilon].sub.ii] = [W.sub.i] ([[sigma].sub.ji] - [[sigma].sub.ii]) which measures how the ratio of the ith to the jth variable responds, holding utility constant, to a change in its relative price ([p.sub.i]/[p.sub.j]).
Domino's chief executive Don Meij said: "The reach that drones offer is far greater than other current options which are restricted by traffic, roads and sheer distance.
Only clinical features were included to diagnose oral lichen planus which was made through the clinical evaluation of patient's oral cavity by a specialist team at the Department as proposed by van der Meij et al in 2003 based on the WHO definition of oral lichen planus.