MEILMechaniczny Energetyki I Lotnictwa (Polish university)
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MEIL has entered into a business partnership agreement with Suzlon Energy Limited, to develop and own up to 3,000 MW of wind power generation farms.
2006) MEIL LANDWEIRLIM, G Padres e hijos, Fundacion La Caixa, Barcelona
Meils stresses that such non-print subscriptions must be sold for at least 25 percent of the print product's basic price, be properly documented for auditing, and be listed separately in the publisher's statement.
John Hopewell in Madrid, Ed Meza in Berlin, Marlene Edmunds in Amsterdam, Jorn Rossing Jensen in Copenhagen, Andrea Vaucher in Paris, Melanie Goodfellow in Brussels and Cathy Meils in Prague contributed to this article.
Meils describes the groundswell of interest in the readership numbers as pervasive, with ABC staff in different departments reporting "a blossoming array of comments" calling for more details.
Meils questions whether ISO intended to provide extended business income coverage to manufacturers.
Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Kristin Kreuk and Cathy Meils star, while Matt Damon makes a hilarious cameo.
Tom Birchenough in Moscow, John Nadler in Budapest, Cathy Meils in Prague and Erich Boehm in London contributed to this story.
Meils is the partner in charge of the Indianapolis office of Campos & Stratis, a firm specializing in the measurement of financial damages for insurers and others.
in Raven Meils Lane, Formby, which dates back to the 17th century.
Cathy Meils and Sharon Swart contributed to this report.