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MELMaximum Exposure Limit
MELManufacturing Engineering Laboratory
MELMitsubishi Electric (Japan)
MELMinimum Equipment List
MELMulti-Engine Land
MELMaya Embedded Language
MELMineral Exploration Licence (Australia)
MELMichigan Electronic Library
MELMaster Equipment List
MELMilitary Education Level
MELMiscellaneous Electric Load (energy use)
MELMarine Engineering Laboratory
MELMiddle European League (volleyball)
MELMedical Entomology Laboratory
MELMaterial Engineering Laboratory
MELMaster Environmental Library
MELMaster Events List
MELMobile Experience Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
MELMaintenance Expenditure Limit
MELMinimum Equipment Level
MELModular Electromagnetic Levitator (astrophysics)
MELMelbourne, Victoria, Australia - Tullamarine (Airport Code)
MELMicro Enterprise Loan (Trinidad & Tobago facility)
MELMilitary Exercise Leader (Cooper Institute; Dallas, TX)
MELMobile Erector Launcher
MELMacaulay Enterprises Ltd.
MELMaster Environment Library
MELMain Events List
MELMaximum Engagement Line (US DoD)
MELMinimum Enroute Level
MELMedical Employment Limitation (Canada)
MELMinimum Essential Listing
MELMinimum Excitation Limit
MELMission Essential Level
MELMaximum Emergency Load
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Joanna Swash, Global CEO, said: "We are delighted to be appointing Mel as Vice President of Operations.
Now, while Mel per-forms on the Spice Girls tour, her ex and Lorraine enjoy afternoons out together.
The business associate of Mel, 43, said: "If Lorraine broke the deal Mel's lawyers would demand the settlement back.
An associate of Mel, 43, says another factor in her decision was stopping star friends like Simon Cowell, fellow Spice Girls and Heidi Klum from having to be called as witnesses at the LA Superior Court if the case had gone ahead.
He said: "Mel said she told the girls, 'You are the ones who need the money not me'.
Mel C said the same thing in her interview with ( The Sun.
Cowell, 58, will also let Mel work around the Spice Girls reunion.
10.30-J Russell (D), C Arden (BH), E Schofield (Mel).
Daisy turned out to be a miracle in more ways than one, when extraordinary headache and fatigue symptoms during and immediately after Mel's pregnancy alerted doctors to a non-cancerous, but still life-threatening, brain tumour.
But this article implied that the forecasted MEL price is the actual MEL.
Mel said: "I was in intensive care and had a one in five chance of survival, it was a very worrying time for the family."