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MELDMechanized Engineering and Layout for Distributing Frames
MELDModel End-Stage Liver Disease
MELDMinnesota Early Learning Design (parental education)
MELDMid and East Lothian Drugs (counseling service; UK)
MELDMayo End-Stage Liver Disease
MELDMulticultural Enhanced Learning for Diversity (Pennsylvania State University)
MELDMiddle Eastern Languages Division (American Translators Association)
MELDMouse Equivalent Lethal Dose
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MELD = 9.57 x [log.sub.e] (Creatinine) + 3.78 x [log.sub.e] (Bilirubin) + 11.2 x [log.sub.e] (INR) + 6.43, (1)
In fact, MELD was shown to result in a 3.5% reduction in waiting list death rate, a 10% increase in the number of cadaveric transplants, and a 12% reduction in new waiting list registrations (Liver Transpl.
It is the Airmen who know the art of airspace control, who can meld bomber traffic with UAV traffic, with fighter traffic, with transient traffic, with all categories of these remotely piloted and unmanned vehicles that go from tactical to operational and strategic level.
Although MELD and CP scores are commonly used to determine the survival of patients with liver cirrhosis, MELD score is difficult to calculate without a personal digital assistant, whereas five parameters are required to interpret and calculate the CP score.
Of late many studies have been conducted on MELD score in western countries and such studies are very sparse in India especially for predicting in-hospital mortality.
Earlier this month Litebulb also announced the issue of 776 million news shares, part of which for the stock portion of the transaction and the remaining nearly 430 million shares to be placed with new and existing shareholders to raise GBP3m to fund the takeover of Meld.Country: UKSector: Consumer ProductsTarget: Meld Group LtdBuyer: Litebulb Group LtdType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & StockStatus: Closed
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 21, 2013-Litebulb gets approval to buy UK brand developer Meld Group(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Objective: To compare the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) and The King's College Hospital Criteria (KCH) as early clinical prognostic indicators in patients with Acute Liver Failure.
MELD and MELD-Na are also widely used scoring systems to assess the prognosis of liver failure (15-17).