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MELFMinnesota Early Learning Foundation (est. 2005)
MELFMiddle East Land Forces
MELFMachinery and Equipment Loan Fund (Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development)
MELFMetal Electrode Leadless Face (electronics)
MELFMicro-Enterprise Loan Fund (various locations)
MELFMyoclonic Epilepsy of Lafora
MELFMunicipal Environmental Loan Facility (Romania)
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MELF Loan (second lien): $500,000 @ 4 percent for 10 years = $60,747
Melf said the class showed her that the youth vote can make a difference.
SMD MELF resistors in particular are suitable, since these devices possess a larger surface area by a factor of nearly three compared to flat chip resistors.
Highlighted Vishay resistors will include high-power thick film chip devices for pulse power applications; custom high-power resistors and assemblies with ratings up to 20 kW; MELF devices with excellent reliability and surge stability; Power Metal Strip battery shunt resistors for automotive and heavy industrial applications; high-performance surface-mount thin film devices with long life and high precision; power wirewound devices with ratings up to 2500 W; steel grid resistors for high-energy pulse load dumping; and NTC thermistors for applications with temperatures up to 900 C.
Requirements regarding measurement accuracy (tolerance), resistivity to temperatures occurring in the converter (temperature coefficient TK), and the permitted drift of the device during its lifetime (stability R/R) can be satisfied by wired metal-glaze layer, wired metal layer, or SMD MELF metal layer resistors.
Assembled in flatpack outlines SMA, SMB and SMC (DO-214xx), they complete the existing range in Melf packaging (DO-213AB).
The legislation consolidated the MELF, SBF, CED, Export Financing, and Pollution Prevention Assistance Account programs into PIDA to create a single entry point to support a number of business growth needs including: site development, infrastructure improvements, machinery and equipment acquisition, and capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
the MELF series of thin-film resistors from Vishay offers superior surge stability and precision up to 175 degree C
Highlighted resistors will include Vishay Dale Power Metal StripA resistors with high-temperature capabilities to +275 AC, and high-current Power Metal Strip shunts for power meter and battery management applications; AEC-Q200-qualified Vishay Draloric/Beyschlag MELF resistors; Vishay BCcomponents high-voltage metal glaze leaded resistors; and Vishay MCB's water cooled wirewound resistor and thick film devices with power to 750 W.