MELIOSMini Eye-Safe Laser Infrared Observation Set
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Mini Eyesafe Laser Infrared Observation Set (MELIOS) laser rangefinders are typically distributed to the leader and sergeant of an infantry platoon, the airborne version of which, for example, consists of three rifle squads, a weapons squad, and a headquarters that includes the platoon leader, sergeant, and radiotelephone operator (RTO).
The FO also has been trained to identify and accurately locate targets at a significant distance utilizing binoculars, a map, and sometimes specialized lasers like the AN/GVS-5 Laser Range Finder (MELIOS) or Ground/ Vehicular Laser Locator Designator (G/ VLLD pronounced g1-ID).
In Aristophanes' Birds, which was produced in 414 at the City Dionysia, Peisetairos tells the birds that if they adopt his bouleuma, they "will destroy the gods with a limos Melios" (186).
Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis confirmed on Wednesday that one of the two Siberian tigers in a Nicosia private zoo has died, and that he will preside over a meeting with all state services to discuss how to best handle the case of Melios Pet Centre.
A primeira consiste na narrativa tucidideana relativa ao debate entre melios e atenienses durante a Guerra do Peloponeso.
The PP-8498/U charger will keep batteries doing their power job in equipment like SINCGARS, TWS, MELIOS, REMBASS and PLGR.