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MELMACMaine Educational Loan Marketing Corp.
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Heat-fixed decorations are sealed beneath the translucent surface and, being molded from chip- and break-resistant Melmac, assure permanence of design.
If you remember the fifties, you remember Melmac. It went perfectly with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and TV dinners.
Bakelite was soon joined by more compounds, including cellophane, acetate, vinyl, melmac, styrene and nylon.
Managing software processes in the environment MELMAC. In Proceedings of the Fourth ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Practical Software Development Environments (Irvine, CA, Dec.), ACM SIGSOFT Softw.
Nierras welcomed the partnership with Globe, which was made possible by its management group, MelMac Sports.
increase for Cymel, Beckamine, Melmac and Uformite conventional melamine, urea, glycoluril and benzoguanamine resins; $0.10/increase for Daotan waterborne polyurethane dispersions, Duroxyn solventborne and waterborne epoxy ester resins, Macrynal hydroxylated solventborne polyols, Phenodur phenolic solventborne and waterborne resins and dispersions and Viacryl solventborne acrylic resins; $0.12/lb.
Gordon Shumway, otherwise known as ALF, abbreviated from Alien Life Form, originated from the planet Melmac, far away in a distant galaxy.