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MELOMississippi Electronic Libraries Online
MELOMain Engine Light Off
MELOManaged Environmental Livestock Operation (Missouri)
MELOMortgage and Educational Loan Office (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
MELOMain Engine Lubricating Oil
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This Melo [festival] will turn into Woodstock pretty soon.
Managing director of De Melo Imran Ayoub invented the challenge, and hopes to see more diners devour the delicious sundae, which contains around 5,000 calories.
Head chef Walter Melo says, "I was delighted to land the role as Head Chef and have had a fantastic few weeks experimenting with the talented kitchen team on the new menu.
It was the max sentence sought by prosecutors in the felony coercion case and Mandelbaum blasted Melo as a twisted misogynist during sentencing in downtown Manhattan.
Llamas-Garro, de Melo, and Kim explain the theory, design, and practical implementation of frequency measurement circuits with examples as a guide for working engineers to diverse frequency measurement techniques, including solutions based on microwave/radio frequency interferometry, filters, and reconfigurable designs.
Melo bravely stands up for himself and pushes Elliot away but Elliot keeps trying to punch and kick him.
Es de desear que esta nueva edicion haga posible una relectura y una reevaluacion del lugar de Melo en la narrativa mexicana del siglo xx, alejada lo mismo de la ignorancia que del culto desmesurado y ramplon.
London [UK], July 16 ( ANI ):Lukasz Kubot and Marcelo Melo won the Wimbledon Men's Doubles final by beating Oliver Marach and Mate Pavic 5-7 7-5 7-6 (7-2) 3-6 13-11 on Saturday.
Como resposta a esta insensatez, o seringueiro-artista Helio Melo produzia freneticamente paisagens da floresta para advertir que a floresta era finita e deveria ser preservada para o bem comum da humanidade.
Dos de ellas son documentos personales de Melo --su pliego matrimonial y su testamento--y las restantes se ocupan de la rebelion de Huarochiri.
The shipment arrived Saturday at the Simon Bolivar International Airport, and Venezuelan Health Minister Luisana Melo was on hand to receive the aid, which included 186,000 units of intravenous fluids and 11,500 units of the antibody immunoglobulin G (IgG).