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MELOSMeasuring Equipment for Lenses and Optical Systems (Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp.; Bellows Falls, VT)
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M's copying in Booklet 1, Melos amoris, represents the single Rollean text the team cannot have acquired from BNF lat.
1) A compreensao desse tipo de circulacao e baseada na identificacao da obsidiana de cada fonte especifica atraves da analise do isotopo do estroncio presente nesse tipo de rocha vulcanica (ver Gale 1981: 49), mas ha outros metodos como o estabelecimento da datacao da obsidiana: por exemplo, a analise da obsidiana de Melos indica que ela esta relacionada a eventos vulcanicos datados de 3 a 2,7 milhoes de anos, ja a de Giali, a eventos de 24 mil anos.
26) MH Mitrou was a trading post located on important maritime and land trade routes running along the Euboean Gulf which received pottery imports primarily from the islands of Kea and Aegina but also from the Argolid, Thessaly, Melos, Thera and the Dodecanese.
The first book, as the title may suggest, is meant to provide parallels between the representation of war in ancient Greece and the experiences of American soldiers in Vietnam and of their return home, with Melos and My Lai being among the central battles, respectively, of the Peloponnesian War and the Vietnam War.
Armando De Melo was handcuffed and taken into custody when it emerged he had not paid maintenance of PS750 per month.
Hera perpetuum melos movere > Hera per varios modos canore/ Concentus premere ac levare vocis).
A press release says Tera Melos melds experimental rock, ambient electronics and unconventional song structure.
In this dark world, as Athenian negotiators warn the inhabitants of Melos in demanding their surrender,
It is the exchange between the leaders of the small, strategically placed island of Melos and the Athenian envoys who made them an offer they shouldn't have refused but did, with disastrous consequences.
Indeed, he even encouraged Melius, a rather shy Greek from the island of Melos, to realize his worth.
Critics of Shakespeare's The Tempest believe that its fundamental theme is the victory of spirit over matter, of melos over chaos, of man over himself.