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MELOSMeasuring Equipment for Lenses and Optical Systems (Vermont Photonics Technologies Corp.; Bellows Falls, VT)
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The Athenians also wanted to make an example of Melos, which had stubbornly maintained its independence in past years and had taken up arms to resist the imperial will.
(30) Bernard McGinn (345 y 614 n37) recoge algunas de estas referencias al Cantar en Melos Amoris, siguiendo la ya mencionada edicion de Francois Vandenbroucke (1971) y su "Table de Citations" (vol.
At Square Station in Miami, which recently opened right next to a station on Miami's light rail line, developers Carlos and Martin Melo are offering residents a $100 discount on their rent every month for not using their allotted parking spot, according to Fast Company's Eillie Anzilotti.
capitulation, such as those made to the island of Melos by the Athenians
Familiar texts are studied: Ancrene Wisse (dated here to the late twelfth century, and seen as a text promoting many Cistercian themes), Richard Rolle's writings (practically all of them, including lesser-studied ones such as Melos Amoris), The Cloud of Unknowing and related texts, Walter Hilton's writings, and the works of Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe.
Like the classical Greek Poleis of Melos and Plataea, they must choose either surrender or destruction absent external intervention.
South African-born Aronowitz was a long-term collaborator with Benjamin Britten, co-founder of the Melos Ensemble, and violist with many of this country's leading chamber orchestras.
Which famous statue was discovered by a peasant on the Greek island of Melos in 1820?
Published in Mainz under the initiative of the famous conductor Hermann Scherchen, Melos promoted modern music and the study of the relationship between music, musical life, and society, with a predilection for the music of composers that represented anti-Romantic sentiment, such as Paul Hindemith and Igor Stravinsky.
La qualite sonore et l'experience immersive, comme certains des effets de mapping, sont saisissants; ce qui est moins le cas de la bande sonore qui peche par exces de melos, alors qu'elle avait debute et se conclut sur des parties chantees qui sont plus reliees au lieu.
'Venus de Milo' was discovered on the Greek island of Melos (Milo in Greek) and although her arms were never recovered, by her sensual forms and suggestive nudity, scholars presume that she is the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
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