MELPMixed Excitation Linear Predictive
MELPMinistry of Environment, Lands and Parks (Government of British Columbia, Canada)
MELPMixed Excitation Linear Predictive (voice synthesizer technology)
MELPMedium Energy Low Penetration (nuclear medicine camera)
MELPMixed-Excitation Linear Predictive Vocoder
MELPMontana Early Literacy Project (est. 1996)
MELPMicro-Enterprise Lending Program (various locations)
MELPMaletas en la Puerta (Spanish: Suitcases at the Door; band)
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The optimized MELP technique [expedited MELP (xMELP)] shortens the assay time to make it more appropriate for use in the clinical laboratory (20).
The communication system architecture consists for the transmitting components in: audio data acquisition block, a MELP encoder block, an AES encryption block and a UDP data communication block.
The Montana Early Literacy Project (MELP) offers a curricular approach or model that emphasizes early reading activities for preschool children.
MELP offers a specialization in either environmental law or marine law within the normal three-year LLB.
The priorities for allocation of moose in British Columbia are: first priority--aboriginal use as prescribed in law; second priority--resident use; third priority--nonresident use (MELP 1996).
Kootenays environmentalists allege that, under pressure from the Jumbo proponent, the BC Attorney General's Office carried out an inquiry in March 1997 into bias within the Fish and Wildlife Branch of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (MELP), after which several wildlife biologists were removed from their positions in advising on the assessment of Jumbo.
When this government came to power in 1991, the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (MELP) was responsible for over 20 Acts that related in some way to environmental management.
Apart from 3,000 plus acres of peatlands of Baroghil, peatlands are found in Sha Junali (1,300 hactares), Gobor and Karimabad (900 hactares each), Laspur (1,000 hactares) Golen (700 hactares), Terich Ann (400 hactares), Melp (300 hactares), Madak Lusht (320 hactares) and Chitral Gol (250 hactares).
The first study examines the effectiveness of the Montana Early Literacy Project (MELP) curriculum on language and literacy skills of preschool-age children in Head Start.